Sonata Success Stories


Get your life back

Learn how Sarah of Manchester got back to enjoying life by choosing the Sonata Treatment to reduce her uterine fibroid-related symptoms.


"My life is much better than before the Sonata Treatment."

- Monica


"My symptoms got so bad that I actually had to change careers. The Sonata Treatment has definitely made it easier just to get about my daily life.”

- Misty


"I would tell a woman thinking about Sonata that you want to try this."

- Marcela


"Life after Sonata is good. I can do more. I sleep better. So it's much better."

- Deanna


"I know this sounds weird, but I can wear white pants and not be nervous about it."

- Nicole


"My life today is – is wonderful. And it’s all about my children and my family and friends and living the life I’ve always wanted to live without really thinking about my period.”

- Jackie

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